Small Vacuum Bell for Bodybuilder ( 19 cm )

Small Vacuum Bell for Bodybuilder ( 19 cm )

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Small Vacuum Bell for Bodybuilder for Non-Invasive Lifting of Funnel Chest

Size : ( 19 cm ) ( 190 mm ) ( 7,5'' )

Small Vacuum Bell for Bodybuilder is the middle size of Pectus Excavatum Vacuum Bell for Pectus Excavatum treatment

About Size Decision of Vacuum Bell for Pectus Excavatum Treatment:

Best Fit Size selection is very important for the effectiveness of the Pectus Healing Vacuum Bell therapy results.

This size of Pectus Excavatum Suction Cup is generaly suitable for Adults with body height above 160 cm ( 5' 3'' )

You might figure out the best fit size of Vacuum Bell for Pectus by yourself.

In general, Vacuum Bell needs to cover your Pectus completely and it's edges should not cross over your nipples !

You might download the pdf drawings of Small Pectus Excavatum Bodybuilder Vacuum from the  PDF Drawing link here  ,and please follow the instructions on this link about how to make your size test yourself. 

If your body height is between 170 cm (5' 7'') to 180 cm (5' 11''), and if you have a wider chest, you might try to test Large Vacuum Bell and Large Vacuum Bell pdf drawing also over these links

If you have not any developed chest muscles, we do recommend you to go with  Small Vacuum Bell version.  However, if  you are going or planning to go gym regularly and so planning to make more chest muscles in near future, we do strongly recommend you to go with Small Vacuum Bell for Bodybuilder version.

Both regular version and Bodybuilder versions have very similar geometric shapes, and exactly same dimensions. The only difference between them are the stiffness of the whole geometry although their polymers are same. And so Bodybuilder version has lower stiffness so that it can compensate the shaped body with chest muscles for a better suction. And this is achieved only by the geometric design with thinner side walls on Bodybuilder version.   

For bodybuilders and special applications: It has thinner and softer lateral flanks as the Small Vacuum Bell ( 19 cm ) without add-on of type. So it may be put more comfortable over big chest muscles or sensitive chest nipples. In case of a horizontal indentation along the diaphragm line, initially it may bend out the rib cage along this line and thus open an anatomically favourable way for further lifting of funnel.

If you need help about size decision please do not hesitate to email to

Please see Specification tab for more detailed product information. 

All Vacuum Bell products have to be applied only after medical examination and in accordance with medical guidelines.

So please consult to your doctor or Healtcare consultant before using vacuum bell products....

Posted Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Vacuum Bell Size Vacuum Bell Size : 19 cm - 190 mm - 7.5''. Suitable for persons taller than approximately 1.40m ( 4' 7'' ). For Body Builders and Special Applications.
Silicone Made of orthopaedic medical silicone, Soft & Comfortable to human skin, No Toxic Material Harmfull to Human body.
Viewing Glass Made of Acrylic material, 6mm Thickness, High stength mechanical properties
Vacuum Pump Made of Natural Rubber, Easy use Push button mechanism to release the vacuum, Limited vacuum power to protect the misuse damages.
Hose Made of Natural Rubber
Kit Content
Vacuum Bell Medical grade Silicone fabricated assembly with acrylic view Glass, It is assembled with airflow elbow, hose and vacuum pump.
Spare Vacuum Pump and Spare Hose 1 Spare vacuum pump and 1 Spare vacuum pump
Measurement Gage Wooden sylindrical measurement gage
Cleaning Kit 100 cc Isopropil Alcohol and cleaning textile

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