Pediatric Vacuum Bells
Mini Vacuum Bell ( 16 cm ) Mini Vacuum Bell ( 16 cm )

Mini Vacuum Bell ( 16 cm )

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Mini Vacuum Bell for Non-Invasive Lifting of Funnel ChestSize : ( 16 cm ) ( 160 mm ) ( 6.3'' )Please see Specification for more detailed information. All Vacuum Bell products have to be applied only after medical examination and in accordance with medical guidelines.So please consult to your doctor or Healtcare consultant before using vacuum bell products.........

PDF Dwg Mini VB (16 cm-6.3")

PDF Dwg Mini VB (16 cm-6.3")

$0.00 $1.00 Ex Tax: $0.00 100%

After registration to, you can download pdf drawings of the products to decide the best fit for you.During check out process you can use Free Checkout to continue. After, go to your account and Downloads to choose the sizes you would like to test. You can print them out on standard A4 paper. .....

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